US presidential polls: What do voters think of the process?

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According to a recent poll by Reuters and Ipsos, more than half of Americans believe that the process of candidate selection among political parties for presidency is rigged. More than two-thirds of these voters want to see change in how parties nominate their candidates.

The results are consistent with complaints from Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, and Bernie Sanders, a Democratic challenger. They believe that the system is against them, and that it favors people with close ties to party stalwarts. This has triggered a debate on whether the selection process is fair.

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The online survey was answered by more than 1,500 Americans and was conducted from 21 to 26 April. More than a quarter of the population claimed not really understanding the process. They said they prefer a single day of voting for the primary process for all 50 states to a staggered schedule that would take months.

Many voters also think that the process overall is complex. Donald Trump has previously mentioned how the complicated system is being rigged by double-agent delegates who reject the choices over the voters. Meanwhile, Sanders took on the issue of the existence of superdelegates who were mostly for Hilary Clinton. The survey also showed that about 44 per cent of the voters did not understand the role of the pledged and super delegates in the process.