Going functional: The most popular fitness trend in the world today


Image source: sheknows.com

A lot of smaller, non-traditional fitness centers have been opening up over the past few years and doing away with the primary focus of bodybuilding. It seems that today, functional fitness is what people have been going for. In fact, the demand for functional fitness has grown so much that even traditional, commercial bodybuilding gyms have incorporated functional fitness classes into their operations.

Functional fitness started out in rehabilitation through physical and occupational therapy and chiropractor practice. It was utilized to help people that had problems with their movements. The practices of functional fitness focused on everyday actions that were important to patients. Exercises done for functional fitness were designed to bring back movements that were hampered due to surgery or injury.

Image source: anytimefitness.com

Functional fitness in therapy mirrors people’s jobs. For example, if a patient had a job that required him or her to lift heavy things or climb flights of stairs or ladders, then his functional fitness training would be more of lifting and leg exercises. If the patient were a professional soccer player, then his training would be geared toward endurance and strength, mostly in the legs.

Functional fitness in gyms nowadays though still carry an aspect of bodybuilding, but targets more the core muscles – muscles in the abs and lower back – since this particular muscle group is used in almost all human movement. This is in stark contrast to the traditional bodybuilding machines that target isolated muscles.

More and more people are moving toward functional fitness. Health enthusiasts are beginning to realize the practicality of the training, and how it leads to better overall movement while improving their weight, body-mass ratio, and physique. People who engage in this kind of training find themselves to be stronger than when they used to train in bodybuilding. They are more well-conditioned, have better stamina, and are much less susceptible to injury when participating in sports. Joint pain has been lowered, and overall well-being has been improved.


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