Drawn to drones: How this tech trend can help businesses

Since the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) laid down the rules on civilian drone usage, the industry expects sales to rise as more businesses buy into the benefits of having drones or unmanned aerial vehicles in their arsenal. These devices have the potential to help businesses get work done faster at an affordable cost. Below are some of the industries that can take advantage of drone technology:

1. Photography and videography

Getting an aerial view of an event used to be difficult. These days, a person just has to mount a camera on a drone to get a bird’s eye view. Aside from the opportunity to have a shot at the big picture, drones can also get detailed shots even when the photographer is in a different location.

Image source: business-opportunities.biz

2. Courier services

There will come a time when drones will replace delivery trucks. Amazon has patented several drone designs that will cater to the demands of consumers in the following years. Though shipping costs will surely increase with this new technology, waiting for a package within 24-48 hours is a step up.

Image source: dronefreaks.org

3. Engineering and construction

Surveying land, scanning, and creating 3-D models can be made more efficient with drones. Instead of sending people to do the job manually, UAVs can fulfill the task in half the time. Engineers and construction professionals can also monitor their sites and have a detailed examination of the structures for longer periods once drones are in place.

4. Agriculture

Drones can be used to monitor fields, irrigation systems, and water levels. It can also examine plant health and create an accurate scan of a field. In the future, the technology will be used for watering and planting.

With new regulations regarding the use of drones, businesses are looking forward to maximizing this technology to serve more people and produce more products. While drone services are still in development, more uses and improvements will make its way into the public sphere in the coming months.


Five industries investors should watch out for

Investors and entrepreneurs must be quick to fill the gaps in goods and services to respond to the changing needs of consumers. The past decade saw the invasion of social media and the prevalence of personalized devices. As industries are quick to adapt to these changes, they must also keep an eye out for new fields. Experts claim that the following sectors will thrive by 2020:

1. Healthcare
The healthcare industry has developed technology to their advantage in order to find operational solutions and ultimately improve patient care outcomes. The aging population in the Western world has given rise to the demand for health professionals such as nurses, caregivers, physical therapists, optometrists, diagnosticians, and specialists.

2. Data crunching
Big data can change the way people go through their daily routine. In the era where database and cloud computing have become integral to business operations, making sense of all the information can provide good business to those with skill and resources.

Image source: linkedin.com

3. Digital forensics
Cybersecurity is becoming more and more important as people are storing important information online. Hacking attacks are posing a real threat to individuals, companies, and governments. While startups are developing ways to improve the safety of the internet, investing in cybersecurity as early as now, when the industry is in its developmental stages, is the wise thing to do.

4. Education technology
The current generation of learners is more comfortable with technology-driven learning. Students are no longer as responsive to the traditional classroom setup as they were a decade ago. Software developers are coming up with apps and games that could facilitate learning and track progress.

Image source: ibm.com

5. Counseling and therapy
More people are prioritizing their mental health as much as their physical health. There is also a rising need for family and marriage counselors. As more people are acknowledging their need for help, the industry provides an opportunity for certified therapists and counselors to be of service.

Spending time and resources to develop these industries will prove to be profitable in the coming years. On top of the business aspect, investors can contribute to fulfilling critical needs in society.

See a Need, Fill a Need: New Horizons for Business Growth

In spite of the economic climate (which in itself is showing signs of recovery), there remain ample opportunities for the enterprising individual. As a need becomes apparent, or a want becomes prominent, entrepreneurs come into their own, offering new products and services to fill what had been an economic vacuum.

Old needs, new markets

Cab services like Uber and Lyft have filled a niche generated by a perennial problem. Commuters loathe every moment stuck in traffic, especially with the rigors of driving and mass transportation being an everyday struggle. These startups are fast becoming the commuting solution of the future by adopting the old carpooling model.

carpoolImage source: Chamonix.net

Although still technically taxi services, Uber and Lyft are progressively becoming true ridesharing services by offering discount options for passengers who share rides with strangers traveling the same route. This provides travelers with a budget-friendly alternative to travel along with others while contributing to the decongestion of roads.

Situational opportunities

Although seen as a typical dish for those too lazy to cook, in Kenya, the word “pizza” connotes a certain air of class that is not usually available to the person on the streets. Even the very flavor of pizza has been a mystery to the average Kenyan. In response to this mystique and the subtle air of demand, franchises such as Naked Pizza have begun filling the largely empty niche.

Naked-Pizza-1940x1212 Image source: Forbes.com

Naked Pizza has slowly been growing by leaps and bounds in the East African nation, bringing what had been the coveted luxury dish within occasional access to working class Kenyans. It stands out of the competition by offering healthier options and distributing through both branch stores and food trucks.

Our business is funding your business

There are even opportunities available in helping other businesses to their feet. Funding small businesses and startups through loans and credit had been open territory since banks became wary of lending to smaller enterprises since the recession. Online credit provider Kabbage is just one of many alternative creditors catering to businesses that have stepped in to fill the now-lucrative new gap and continues to flourish today.

As the needs of people and businesses grow, so would the niches for new businesses and industries to fill. For the consummate businessperson, adversity is just opportunity in disguise, and several new startups across the world have embraced this paradigm to fill a market niche that few others knew even existed.