Five industries investors should watch out for

Investors and entrepreneurs must be quick to fill the gaps in goods and services to respond to the changing needs of consumers. The past decade saw the invasion of social media and the prevalence of personalized devices. As industries are quick to adapt to these changes, they must also keep an eye out for new fields. Experts claim that the following sectors will thrive by 2020:

1. Healthcare
The healthcare industry has developed technology to their advantage in order to find operational solutions and ultimately improve patient care outcomes. The aging population in the Western world has given rise to the demand for health professionals such as nurses, caregivers, physical therapists, optometrists, diagnosticians, and specialists.

2. Data crunching
Big data can change the way people go through their daily routine. In the era where database and cloud computing have become integral to business operations, making sense of all the information can provide good business to those with skill and resources.

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3. Digital forensics
Cybersecurity is becoming more and more important as people are storing important information online. Hacking attacks are posing a real threat to individuals, companies, and governments. While startups are developing ways to improve the safety of the internet, investing in cybersecurity as early as now, when the industry is in its developmental stages, is the wise thing to do.

4. Education technology
The current generation of learners is more comfortable with technology-driven learning. Students are no longer as responsive to the traditional classroom setup as they were a decade ago. Software developers are coming up with apps and games that could facilitate learning and track progress.

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5. Counseling and therapy
More people are prioritizing their mental health as much as their physical health. There is also a rising need for family and marriage counselors. As more people are acknowledging their need for help, the industry provides an opportunity for certified therapists and counselors to be of service.

Spending time and resources to develop these industries will prove to be profitable in the coming years. On top of the business aspect, investors can contribute to fulfilling critical needs in society.